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Hi, this is Saide Betul. I’m the 28 year old mother, wife and business woman who is behind the wonderful Knittingardenn. 

Every baby is special for its mother. When I learned that I will be having a baby really I wanted to do everything as organic and safe as possible for my baby just like how most mothers would love to do. That’s why, I decided to crochet trustable toys. So when I had my son I wanted to make sure that what ever he wanted to play with and any toys he was going to be putting in his mouth had to be as natural as possible. As a mother, I wanted to offer this opportunity to all mothers and their precious little babies, so I want to be that person to motivate and inspire others to do the same, this is why I have started knittinggardenn. 


As you know, the most effective discovery tool for babies in the first 12 months is their mouths. So they take everything they find in their mouths, suck, bite what they find bite. These movements of babies are indicative of their development and should not be restricted

As parents you can give our handmade products to your little ones and enjoy watching their development ♥️


To ensure the health and safety of your precious babies we use only natural materials, wood ring, safety eyes, premium filling fibre and 100% cotton yarn. 


Our products will help develop your baby’s senses and allow them to grow a love for craft,  also be a friend to your baby and give them the utmost joy with every squeeze and cuddle. 


They are our future. It is in our hands to protect our future ♥️


Kind regards 


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